March, 2020

Welcome, I’m Chip Brown, "Maker of Neat Things", from Web design to tooled leather to blacksmithing and more. I live in two worlds, one of pixels, code and keyboards, and the other creating tangible items for people to enjoy and use.

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I’ve been working in the field of digital art since 1999: multimedia presentations, web design, and game development. Over my career I’ve worn a lot of different hats and constantly evolved my toolset. Currently I’m best described as a full-stack web developer with a focus on UX/UI, front end interface design and implementation. I'm well versed in modern adaptive site design, from cencept through implementation.

Since 2014 my main focus has been my leather business Brown Cow Art, where we hand craft bespoke leather goods and sell them directly to customers at local festivals. This is a heavily seasonal business, primarily in the late summer and fall. In the off-season, November to May, I typically have a limited amount of time for contract work.

With the COVID-19 outbreak, I have serious concerns about festivals either being closed this season, or attendance being adversely effected. As such I’m choosing to focus far more heavily on web development this year and I’m actively seeking a full-time salaried position or immediate contract work.

After living in Columbus for 23 years, I moved to the country in 2017 and now reside in Fayette County. I’m located almost exactly equidistant from Columbus, Cincinnati and Dayton, commuting distance to each. I would prefer to work remotely for the most part, but commuting is an option for the right offer.

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If you’re interested in my leatherwork, visit Brown Cow Art to see my leather and metal art showroom, but keep in mind it’s woefully out of date, because I never seem to have the time to work on my own website, just other peoples. For more recent work, you can find us on Facebook.