I would love to wow you with examples of awesome past projects, and I have many I'd love to share. Fortunately for me I've been too busy making cool new things, unfortunately for you I just haven't had the time I'd like for self promotion.

But not all is lost!

Here are several sites I developed and maintain, along with an assortment of tests and samples created over the years. Some of these where created as isolated tests of specific functionality used in a larger project, others are samples created to answer various programming questions posted by other members of the Columbus Digital Adobe User group.

Hopefully it is sufficient to show that I'm competent and know what I'm talking about.


  • Terry Rodgers


    Terry Rodgers is an internationally acclimated artist, exhibiting mostly in Europe and living in Columbus, OH.

    I designed and built his site in PHP/MySQL, and assist his wife who manages the site and all of his PR. There is a full featured admin backend custom designed to their needs to make the management of the site as easy as possible for a non-technical person.

    This is the oldest site I still actively manage, inatialty started in 2002, the site has gone through 4 major revisions, the most recent being 2018-2019 with a full interface overhaul updating to HTML5 and a responsive layout.

    The adaptive layout was hand coded using SASS to manage the style sheets and breakpoints.

  • North Ridge Tools


    North Ridge Tools is a manufacture of metal working tools located in Cleveland, OH.

    I designed, built, and manage their site. It’s valid HTML5, with a php system to handle site navigation templates and plain HTML pages for content. An update to an adaptive layout is currently in process.

Other Random Stuff

  • jQuery in 20 minutes (ish)

    jQuery in 20 minutes (ish)

    A few years ago I was asked to give a presentation to the Columbus Digital Adobe User Group on jQuery. The idea was a 20 minute presentation. This is actually about two 20 minute presentations, covering the basics of jQuery and the basics of jQuery Plug-in development depending on audience experience level. Not only did I write and give the presentation, I also wrote the jQuery slideshow plugin for the presentation which takes a series of DIVs and converts them to separate slides.